Specific weight 2,45 a 2,48 kg/dm3
Refractive index 1,51 a 1,53
Softening point 730º
Coefficient of lineal expansion 85 x 10-7 (bet. 0 y 300º)
Young modulus .7 x 105 kg/cm2
Mohs hardness scale 4
Rockwell (c) 48 rc
Specific heat at 20ºc 0,18 cal/gr/ºc
At 1000 ºc 0,32 cal/gr/ºc
Thermal conductivity at 20ºc 0,018 cal/seg/cm/ºc
Dialectric constant (1mc a 20ºc) 7,0 a 7,6
Volume resistivity at 250 ºc 106,5 x 107 ohms
Dialectric strength 4500 kv/cm
Thermic Difussion 0,005 cm2/seg

Tests carried out in homologised laboratories:

 UNE-EN-ISO 10545-2 Determination of Dimensions and Surface Quality
 UNE-EN-ISO 10545-3 Determination of Water Absorption
 UNE-EN-ISO 10545-11 Determination of Crazing Resistance for Glazed Tiles
 UNE-EN-ISO 10545-13 Determination of Chemical Resistance
 UNE-EN-ISO 10545-14 Determination of Staining Resistance
 UNE-ENV 12633 (clase II, clase III) Determination of Non polished paving Slip Resistance
 DIN- ANTISLIP 51097 Determination of Slip Resistance
 UNE-EN-ISO 10545-7 Determination of Surface Abrasion for Glazed Tiles Resistance